Its 9pm on a hot and humid Saturday night in Sydney’s inner west.

Outside, Parramatta Road is thick with traffic, but inside the building at number 82 – a thermostat holds the temperature at a cool 20 degrees, and the summer heat gives way to a cool, delicious ambience.

We notice a stunning lady having a break from her shift and she would be one of 150 who sell sex here at Stiletto – a purpose built 6 Star brothel that was first opened in 2003.

In contrast to the seedy, stereotypical brothels, stepping inside Stiletto is like walking into a cross between the Playboy mansion and a 6 Star nightclub. Its three storeys of round beds, satin cushions, monster spas, chrome dance poles, miles of marble, myriad mirrors, erotic murals and huge, porn fed plasma screens. Its definitely over way the top in every way.

“I love the surrounds here” says one of the ladies who has been at Stiletto for two and a half years, “I enjoy working in a very professional clean environment.”

Management is also pretty pleased with its 19 themed suites, including the fantasy fuelled Royal Suite, The Governors Suite and The Presidential Suite.

‘We like to call Stiletto a short stay boutique hotel, not a brothel” insists the manageress, Juliette a slender, perfectly groomed young lady with a very efficient manner.

Whatever you call it business at Stiletto comes down to sex in exchange for money and from what we can see business is good.

“On most of our nights we can have very high occupancy” says Juliette.

“You’ll get people on their way to work, after work, during the day, and at all different times reveals Juliette.

Yet, walking the dimly lit corridors, it becomes apparent that clients are pretty much like invisible ghosts. A carefully choreographed operation involving intercoms, buzzers and curtains means no two clients cross paths.

That discretion goes into overdrive when a famous person appears. “Sometimes, we’ll get a phone call to tell us a VIP is on the way,” confides Juliette. “We dont know who it is and we dont ask. They just want the most discreet access to the building and if they ask for that, we know its pretty high profile.”

“We have a large mix of exclusive clientele such as international executives, jet setting celebrities, sports people, actors, rock banks and big spending gentlemen” advises Juliette

“We charge a little higher than other establishments,’ says Juliette, as we pass an in-house ATM. “We pay the biggest split here, so the ladies earn more money here then anywhere else.

Most ladies we met seems genuinely happy and had no qualms about becoming sex workers, However its hard not to wonder how the ladies many whom are currently single can detach themselves from the nature of their work.

During the downtime, the women hang out in a private lounge area, just for them. “They’ve got their laptops, some do their studies,” reveals Juliette. And the ladies are well protected; there’s a panic button in every room an intercom provides immediate contact with management and, at night, a security guard is on patrol.

Juliette has no shortage of ladies wanting to work here. “The most important thing is they’re well groomed, Clear skin and personality are very important.

Next Juliette shows us around the level 2 rooms which are only available for bookings of 3-4 hours. It`s akin a high rollers room at a casino. It truly is the ultimate in entertainment.

Lastly we now head back downstairs having just seen all 3 floors of the largest and most amazing 6 Star brothel in the world.

As we go to live a young lady says “I’m glad your writing about us she comments reflectively before heading off to get changed. “I dont think its something which needs to be kept a secret these days.”