“A masterpiece in elegance and breathtaking beauty.”


Stiletto Sydney

“Stiletto offers you an unprecedented level of enjoyment in the most highly praised entertainment complex in the world.”

Duchess suite


All suites feature complimentary fully stocked bars with only the best spirits, wine, beers, and French champagne.

You can indulge yourself in all that encompasses modern entertainment including TV cable channels, pornographic, surround sound digital music, pool tables, custom designed furniture, additional Bluetooth speakers, sensual mood light settings and an intercom for room service.

Stiletto Sydney Brothel is widely known as the best brothel in the world offering the most unique experience. The suites offer multiple beds, marble dancing podiums, mirrors on the ceilings and sensual mood light settings.

Pool tables are available in the premier suites.

Presidential suite


Each of our 19 suites has been custom designed for your pleasure with an inviting ambience created using sumptuous colour palettes and fine finishes.

Relax in our custom designed 8-person backlit freshwater jet spas, enjoy the unlimited purpose-built bars with premium beverages, admire our one-of-a-kind commissioned art pieces in each suite or unwind with a game of billiards with one of our stunning girls.

These luxury suites are unrivalled anywhere in the world and cater for the ultimate indulgence. They are a combination between a high-end boutique hotel and a nightclub experience, perfectly designed for extended stays.

Stiletto Sydney Brothel spacious suites offer a unique experience, allowing for groups, party bookings and comfortable extended stays. The top level can also be entirely booked for groups to host unforgettable parties.

Relax and indulge

Fresh water jet spas are in most of the suites, with timeless marble stone and erotic lighting. There are rooms with multiple beds adorned with the highest quality linen and soft fluffy towels.


The Stiletto Sydney Brothel is the only establishment in the world with in-house maids, commercial laundry, and cleaning staff in attendance.

There can be up to 6 house maids working at one time to ensure the highest standards are met.

All 19 suites are maintained by cleaning staff who fully hotel clean the suite including new fitted flat sheets and pillowcases after each booking. 

Directors suite 2


Our Suites contain:

  • Air-conditioning, and central heating.
  • Intercom system for room service.
  • 8 surround sound music channels.
  • 10 cable TV channels including:
  • 2 sports, 1 racing, 2 pornographic, 2 music, and many free to air channels.
  • Touch control sensual mood lighting settings.
  • Marble stone freshwater jet spas which are cleaned and backwashed after every client.
  • All suites feature complimentary fully stocked bars with only the world’s best spirits, wine, beers, and French champagne.
  • Marble adorned stripper poles on a podium stage.
  • Giant spas, pool tables, custom designed furniture, and commissioned art pieces
  • Multiple beds and billiard tables are available in the premier suites.  
  • High quality white linen & soft fluffy towels.
  • Complimentary room service.
  • Full time house maids and laundry staff.

Level 1 Rooms

On this level the mood lighting, artwork, painting, custom-made furniture, and exquisite finishes are all tastefully selected and arranged to create the perfect ambiance and setting.

Level 2 Party Suites

This level is perfect for party and group bookings or extended stays. It truly is the ultimate in entertainment.


The Directors Suite on Stiletto’s Sydney Brothel premier level rivals most 6-Star international hotels.

This suite has been custom designed with your pleasure in mind. The fully stocked bar includes only the best Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka, Rum, and Gin. An assortment of beers is also included along with mixers and ice buckets.

There is a large plasma television adjacent to the bed playing erotic porn, so you can kick back and enjoy all the sports channels. There is a spacious shower with en-suite and luxury complimentary toiletries.

The Directors Suite is perfect for an indulgent evening after work or a quick lunch time recharge to get you through the working day.

The Directors Suite is reserved just for you. All you need to do is come in and we are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


The Duchess is one of Stiletto’s Sydney Brothel 19 luxuries suites. The room’s star feature is the marble adorned stripper pole on a podium stage and luxury lounging area alongside your Queen size bed.

The custom designed room features sexy decor and sensual mood light setting which can be adjusted to suit your preference. This large plasma television and digital sound system creates an ambience akin to one of the world’s best nightclubs. But this room is all yours!

This suite also features an en-suite and spacious shower complete with all the toiletries you will need to enjoy your stay. High quality white linen and an abundance of soft fluffy towels will ensure your stay is as comfortable as in a 6- Star international hotel. Enjoy!


The Governors Suite is another one of Stiletto Sydney Brothel luxury suites.

The star feature of this suite is the giant fresh-water jet spa with strong jets mimicking a full body massage. This suite also includes queen size beds, plasma televisions playing erotic porn and sports channels, a marble adorned stripper pole on a podium stage, a fully stocked bar with only the best spirits, wine, beers, and French champagne.

A spacious shower with en-suite and luxury complimentary toiletries and quality fresh white linen and towels makes the perfect setting for your next executive meeting or bring your friends or just come in alone as The Governors Suite is a room for pure pleasure.


This is the world’s best brothel suite.

Are you ready to party like the leader of the free world wishes he could?

In this room you can become a leader of our modern free world in total secrecy. Indulge in The Presidential Suite.

This suite is unrivalled in size and luxury, with two Queen size beds, multiple plasma televisions, a custom designed bar that overshadows most nightclubs, a marble adorned stripper pole on a podium stage, plenty of seating for you and your friends, plus a billiard table.

The spacious bathroom features marble finishing, a giant freshwater jet spa, a spacious open shower and private en-suite. The bathroom is decorated with custom erotic artwork and individual adjustable sensual mood light settings

The latest digital surround sound system will have the Presidential Suite feeling more like the world’s best nightclub and might even get your friends dancing on the pole. This suite is perfect for groups of friends, events, or perhaps just to enjoy yourself.

You haven’t lived until you’ve spent a night in The Presidential Suite.


Have you dreamed to live like royalty?

The Royal Suite is infamous among those who have spent time within our erotic walls.

With two Queen size beds facing each other and a marble adorned stripper pole on a podium stage in between, the possibilities in this room are endless. There is a fully stocked bar with only the best spirits, wine, beer & French champagne fit for a King, & a luxurious en-suite bathroom for you to cool off.

The custom designed Stiletto billiard table and sound system will keep you entertained for hours.

If you want to live like a King, it’s time for you to enter the Royal Suite.

Our establishment is wheelchair accessible ♿